Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stay Classy

East Coast hip hop artist Classified made a stop in Red Deer last night while promoting his latest album 'Handshakes and Middle Fingers'. I was excited to see how Class has progressed since I last saw him at play at Shark's Garage on Canada Day, 2007.

Canada Day 2007 Me, Classified, Ashley

I was happy to see a stage band this time around. To me a band is always an enhancement to any act, a full set without a band can rarely be pulled off. With rumors of a short set I wondered how much old material Class would perform but was surprised to see most of it was older tunes and all of my favorites. Included in the bunch was 'Maritimes' from the 2005 release Boy-Cott in the Industry, 'Hard to be Hip Hop' and 'All About You' (which is my all time favorite Classified song) both from 2006's Hitch Hikin' Music, and from his first major studio album, Self Explanatory, 'Anybody Listening', which sent him mainstream and  'Oh Canada', Canadian hip hop's new national anthem.  Amongst the mix some lesser known songs featuring tour mate Kayo, little brother Mic Boyd,, J-Bru, and ASHES rockin' the backup vocals on Classified's newest single, 'That Ain't Classy'. The entire show, lasting just over an hour was a depiction of full on Canadian talent, another reason I'm proud of my country.

It was refreshing to see he was still touring with brother Mic and J-Bru who were both supporting Class when he came through in '07. Missing from the group was Jordan Croucher better known as JRDN (which I didn't put together until Classified mentioned it in an on air interview on Kraze 101.3). Two of my girl friends and I were fortunate to have spent some time with JC, J-Bru, Luke (aka Classified) and the crew after their Sharks show which led to shenanigans involving blue Kool-aid, Malibu rum, a watermelon and chick flick's featuring Ashton Kutcher. But that's a story best told in person ;-)

The whole show at the nightclub reinstated why I've definitely grown out of the club scene. I have no desire to fill myself with empty calories in the form of alcoholic beverages and get close to smelly intoxicated people in a too small space, especially when I could be snuggled in bed reading! Being in a club full of drunks while I'm sober is a true test to my short fused patience. I can't stand it! I dislike having cocky dude after cocky dude approach me and my ladies thinking they are the smoothest jar of peanut butter. Trust me, you're not, quit bothering me when I'm having a night out with the girls. Guys, respectable girls like us don't appreciate your lame comments and getting in the way of the show we went to watch, back off. And putting us down when we respectfully decline whatever stupid offer you're trying to make is definitely not the way to our hearts. Just like Classified says 'that ain't classy'.

And for future reference, I prefer chunky peanut butter ;-)

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