Friday, April 22, 2011

Show Me Your Fit

Today's blog is inspired by the Fitnessista. She put out a call to her readers to send in pictures of what they do to keep fit, whether it's something they eat, wear or them doing something active. I wanted to submit something myself but couldn't decide on one thing to include, so I decided to put together a little pictorial of a typical day for me.

I start my day off from the moment I wake up doing maximum reps of pushups that I can. I don't always remember to do this because I'm not much a morning person and am usually focused on emptying my bladder before anything else. 

I then gulp down some water with my daily supplements. I take Young Living Core Supplements which include an Omega 3, antioxidant, multi-vitamin, and probiotic. I also do a 1oz shot of Ning-xia Red, an anti-oxidant juice and probably one of the best ones on the market. Great start to my day taking this stuff!

For breakfast I get one of my favorite meals: 
1/2 cup oatmeal, 
3/4 cup 1% cottage cheese, 
1/2 cup blueberries

I head off to work where I guzzle a cup or two of black coffee and many bottles of water flavored with Young Living grapefruit oil

For a mid-morning snack I have 175grams of Greek yogurt with 1 cup of fresh strawberries, sweetened with a packet of Stevia. So delicious, it's amazing! 

Lunch and my mid-afternoon snack are the same thing: 3 ounces chicken or salmon, 1/3 cup brown rice and about 130 ounces of green beans or asparagus each. 
(I swear the chicken was fully cooked. iPhone cam makes the color look weird)
Close to the end of my work day before I head to the gym, I get another one of my favorite things to eat; an Amazeball. So good, I can hardly wait to eat it!

After work I head to my gym for my FIT Camp class
Note the Fitnessista inspired braid to hold my bangs back! :p
This week I got a gold star for being so committed that I still showed up before the Easter long weekend. So cheesy, but I'm proud of my dedication. I'd be lost without my daily workout! 

After I'm done getting my butt kicked at the gym, I try and get out of a run but this doesn't happen every day. It's just starting to get nice enough outside to be able to run. There are still some areas on my trail that are covered in snow, but I work through it! 
Rockin' the old Asics until the mud and puddles disappear
Yes, this picture was taken in April :-(

If I'm unable to make it to the gym, I try and get a home workout in, which isn't easy as I don't have much equipment or space. I like to try different workouts I find in magazines and also

After my workout I'm pretty hungry and chug down a delicious protein shake that contains a banana, protein powder and water.

I was previously using Gold Standard Whey in Vanilla Ice Cream and I'd add a scoop of coco powder to make it into chocolately goodness. I recently switched to a whey powder that doesn't contain artificial sweetener. Gold Standard has a naturally sweetened product but my supplement store doesn't carry it and will be phasing out the Gold Standard line so it was time to switch. I was thinking of getting the Whey Gourmet but my buddy at Better Bodies Nutrition and Tanning suggested the 4EverFit, as it's better quality. So that's what I'm currently using, in chocolate so I don't have to add coco anymore. I don't notice a difference at all.

I'm waiting for some samples of Sun Warrior being sent to me from the Canadian distributer Raw Elements. I'm excited to try it as it's a brown rice protein and yet another thing the Fitnessista raves about.  

Later in the evening, I eat my final meal, which is another chicken, rice, veggie mix. I'm fortunate that I love everything I eat and don't dread having to choke down any of my meals. 

Following this routine keeps me in great shape and feeling the healthiest I've ever been! That my friends, is my fit. What's yours? Feel free to leave me a comment (don't be scared, it's easy & I love to hear from my readers!), or even email me a picture of YOUR fit beckyamurray at gmail dot com. Do it! 

(If you are interested in more information on Young Living products, feel free to email me at beckyamurray at gmail dot com)


  1. Wowee you ARE a rockstar! Totally inspiring that's for sure. So I cannot compete with that, but 7 weeks in being a first time mum I can finally say I'm ready to get my fit on. A friend gifted me an elliptical this week so I'm excited to have no excuses not to work out even when I cannot leave him.

  2. Your dedication amazes me! Keep up the good work

  3. you inspire me to be more fit. =)