Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Inexperienced Concert Girls

I am not a fighter. I don't believe that proving your strength over another person solves any sort of conflict whatsoever, and as such, have never been in a physical fight myself.

Last night I attended the Bif Naked concert at the Wild Bill's, and after a couple songs, C and I found ourselves near the front of the stage. We were doing what normal people do at rock concerts, sang along to your favorite songs, rocked out, shouted, threw your arms in the air, clapped, and enjoyed the awesome performance Bif always puts on. In return I was being shoved backwards by the 30 something woman in front of me as she was unhappy with the pushing and bumping that happens up at the front. The pushing from the front causes me to hit the people behind me, and in retaliation I am pushed back from behind, again running into the girl in front of me. This is all pretty standard behaviour at a rock show. I should know, I've seen a good 100 or so bands in my day and am quite knowledgeable as to the going ons at these events. This pushing and bumping into each other doesn't bother me, I see it as a sense of camaraderie. Unless of course the pushing is coming from the ass in front of me so the owner of said queen ass can have her five foot radius around her. I'm sorry sister, that's not how it works at the front. I kindly told this girl to quit pushing me backwards, I can't go anywhere and I can't help touching her because everyone else is moving around and bumping into everyone else. She didn't like that reply and kept yelling at me to move back. I asked her if she's ever been to a concert before, because she wasn't realizing that you don't get personal space at the front and that if she wanted to keep her bubble, move to the back of the crowd. This was enough to warrant her grabbing my neck and shoving me back into the crowd. Now this was starting to bring back memories of the Black Eyed Peas concert I attended four years ago, when the girls beside me were clawing at my hair and pulling my hair because they couldn't deal with me standing my ground while they tried to shove me out of the way. Ah yes, another girl who doesn't understand the unwritten rock show etiquette.

I so badly wished I could have punched her in the face, but didn't want to be removed from the venue. Instead I decided to just rock out even harder, and show her what it's like to be at the front of a rock show. Bif ended up putting on an amazing shows playing a good mix of tunes from her newest album, The Promise, as well as some old favorites. There's nothing better than getting the opportunity to watch some fantastic Canadian talent at your local bar.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And So Here I Am

It's been a long time since I've maintained a blog. Today I've had a sudden wave of ambition and motivation - a need to do something to get my ball of life rolling again. I got stuck for awhile, but it's time to dislodge the ball and continue my journey to wherever I happen to bounce to next.

And so here I am.

I recently ended a 2 year stint with a dance group that was a huge part of my life. I learned alot about myself in those two years, and found a new confidence that I didn't knew existed within me. I think the confidence was the best thing that became of dancing. The decision to quit didn't come easy, but I had accomplished everything I needed to accomplish in that point in my life, and knew it was time to move on. I didn't really know where I was moving on to, and that's been a struggle. I have many ideas and plans for life but am unsure of which direction to go or how to get there. Now is the time to pick a direction and see where the path takes me.

And so here I am.