Bucket List

Becky’s Bucket List:

- Go to Japan
- Go to New York
- Backpack around Europe
- Bungee at Nevis Bungee in New Zealand
- Guinea pig ball down the hill in New Zealand
- Learn to surf
- Sky Dive 
- Play the key-tar
- Get published in something bigger than the local newspaper
- Run a marathon 
- Build a bear at the Build-a-Bear workshop
- Hold a baby gorilla and/or orangutan
- See the Vatican
- Get a puppy
- Be a flight attendant for West Jet
- Live in a big city
- Be an event planner
- Be in a movie
- Have dinner with someone important (besides myself)
- Tour with a band
- Get invited to a Geisha House
- Have my own family 
- Own my own home
- Visit an Ashram
- Be involved with a charity
- Start my own website
- Own a Shiba Inu
- be on 'The Amazing Race'
- See Pink and Christina Aguilera live
- get a traditional tattoo (like how they were done before the tattoo gun was invented)

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