Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bucket List: Be Involved With a Charity

Back in January I hinted that I was working on crossing a couple things off my Bucket List . I'm happy to finally share with you one of those things today!

Being involved with a charity is something I've always thought should be an important part of one's life. I've struggled finding the time to fit volunteering into my schedule as there never seems to be enough hours in a day. But this year I decided I was just going to make time for it, despite how busy I already was.

In January I started with the Red Deer and District SPCA Special Events Committee. I'm currently on a sub-committee for the upcoming Walk and Wag (formerly Bark at the Bend) and our Catch, Fetch and Release, which mimics the Cancer Society's Jail and Bail fundraiser. I thought not only would I be volunteering with my charity of choice, but I would also gain experience to coincide with my Event Management certificate that I'm currently working towards.

Along with that I'm also volunteering every Saturday with the small animal socialization program that has recently been implemented. This is by far my favorite thing. For anyone that knows me I'm a HUGE animal lover and I fall in love with pretty much anything cute and cuddly. I get to spend an hour a week hanging out with the SPCA's small animals, letting them out of their cages for exercise and giving them some love and cuddles.

It feels so good knowing that I'm helping these animals have a bit of a better life just by giving them some care and attention each week.

My current favorite at the SPCA right now is Sherona, a one year old, long haired, female guinea pig. She is the sweetest little piglet I've ever met. We spend all of our time cuddling on the floor. She'll nestle right into me and coo cheerfully. It absolutely melts my heart. This is where this volunteer position becomes dangerous, as I really really REALLY want to adopt her.

Maybe you would want to be the one to give Sherona a loving home? And then let me come snuggle, hehe?

If you have been thinking of volunteering or becoming involved with a charity, what are you waiting for? Find one that you're interested in and jump in. If you're not sure which charities are available in your area, hit the net. The Red Deer Advocate posts volunteer opportunities on a regular basis which makes it really helpful to know what's going on in the city. Once you get started volunteering you'll feel great afterwards, I promise.

I really can't tell you enough how awesome it feels to be involved with a charity. It's so little time commitment that I can fit it into my busy schedule so easily. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to make a difference in these little creatures' lives.

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