Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Yesterday marked my parents 25th wedding anniversary. With today's divorce rates being so high, it's so refreshing to see couples reach milestone anniversary dates. While my parents might not be perfect, they get mad at each other and disagree with each other once in awhile, these things are completely normal and at the end of the day I know they still love each other. They are each other's best friends and when the time comes I aspire to have a long lasting marriage like they've had. Here's to 25 more guys!

In celebration I met up with them and their friends in Sylvan Lake at Fuzion Restaurant and Lounge. I had scoped out their menu the night before to make ordering a little easier as I usually have to modify my meals to make them as clean as possible these days. I was pretty excited to try my choice, as I had never eaten here before.

I rolled with the Grilled Peach and Strawberry salad. Along with the fruit it has mixed greens, goat cheese and almonds (which I asked for without), and a chardonnay vinagerette that I got on the side and didn't really taste. I originally planned on ordering with grilled chicken but decided on salmon since I haven't had any fish forever. I think it would have been better with chicken though, the salmon didn't really go. It was a decent salad but by no means as good as the Rocket Beet salad from Earl's. The best part was the pumpkin loaf that I had about a quarter of after demolishing the entire salad. 

I definitely want to try Fuzion out again, perhaps when I have a cheat meal. They have alot of yummy sounding things but alot of it has elements that make it an unclean meal for me, such as a rose sauce on the salmon or parmesan crust on the tilapia. I nibbled on mom's Sweet and Sour Fries (sweet potato) and they were pretty tasty. Almost comparable to Original Joe's epic sweet potato fries, almost. 

I glanced at the brunch menu, and while there aren't many choices, the Frosted Flake French Toast really stood out to me (apparently I have a thing for French toast lately). The interesting thing about this place is that they have a gluten free meal, perfect for those that have a hard time eating out because of having Celiac. 

My only complaint is their tables are WAY too small, five of us were pretty squished. But if you're ever in Sylvan and looking for something locally owned and freshly made, I would definitely recommend trying Fuzion.

What I'm Listening To: City and Colour - Fragile Bird (released yesterday on Itunes)
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