Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend Report

After months of harassing my cousin (who's pretty much like a brother to me) to come visit, he finally made the trip down from Calgary to hang out and catch up. Apparently having a girlfriend has become more of a priority than hanging with his favorite cuz....Pfft. I still don't think this girl exists outside of photos since I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her yet.
Saturday started off with my usual Crossfit class. The cuz arrived shortly after and we caught up a bit before heading to the SPCA for my weekly visit with the little creatures. We had fun hanging out with Sherona, Jackie and the mullet bunny who I've renamed Garth:

How can you resist such an adorable creature?! I seriously want to take him home.

After that the cousin was hungry so we headed downtown to one of my favorite coffee shops, City Roast for some eats. I wasn't hungry since I had just finished my third meal of the day but couldn't resist a treat. I ordered a Macadamia & Coconut Latte with a homemade peanut butter chocolate chip cookie. So delish. I love City Roast - everything about it from their specialty coffees, baked treats, sandwiches, ambiance, and community feel. A definite place to visit if you're ever in downtown Red Deer. 

We then wandered around the downtown area checking out various boutique shops and suffering the ferocious wind before making our way up to one of my favorite secret spots, the graffiti wall. It's a super sketchy little spot by one of the malls where it's very likely to find kids doing drugs and homeless people's sleeping areas but I love checking out the art work. My cousin is a photographer and has been wanting to photograph the spot for awhile but last time he was down it was getting dark by the time we got there and that's definitely a spot you don't want to be without daylight so we skipped it.
Once we were done admiring the beautiful graphics on the wall it was conveniently Frappachino Happy Hour at Starbucks and conveniently there was a Starbucks right thurr. So we hit it up for some delicious Mocho Coconut goodness. 
We decided that all the liquid calories we consumed warrant a little physical activity so we headed down to another one of my favorite spots in the city, Heritage Ranch. We are so fortunate to have such beautiful trails in Red Deer and this spot along the river is so refreshing.

Then it was definitely time for dinner at The Rock where I enjoyed the Peanut Butter and Jelly Pizza and a Bucket. 

Everyone always is like, WTF! when I order a PBJ-za. It's not a well known menu item there as it's from the kids menu, which isn't available on the lounge side (obviously...). Then when it arrives everyone is in awe of how awesome my little heart shaped pizza is and how delicious it looks. They're even more jealous when they find out that it costs a mere $3.50. 

Needless to say, not the best eats on Saturday and Sunday wasn't much better either.

Sunday Brunch this week was the last of the season as next weekend the farmers market starts! I'm so pumped for that but sad there will be no brunch. This week we checked out Moxie's. I had no idea it was even open for breakfast! The brunch menu was limited, especially considering I can't eat eggs which makes ordering a delicious breakfast a challenge. I'm not always a huge pancake/waffle/French toast kind of girl either which makes it even tougher if I'm not feeling those. The only thing left was a granola yogurt parfait so I rolled with that.

How awesome does that look? Notice the I <3 NY shirt in the background...The Cousin is going in 8 days and some hours, he has a countdown going. I'm super jealous and look forward to hearing about it, seeing photos, and receiving my own I <3 NY shirt since I gave all the ones I brought back from my trip away without keeping one for myself. Whoops.

Following brunch my parents came and we had an impromptu photoshoot back at the graffiti wall for this super cool project I've been working on. It was a bit difficult with the gail force winds that don't seem to want to give up. I always feel awkward having my photo taken because I don't really know what to do and this time there was not one, but two photographers. I'm a big deal like that. Somehow once we were done shooting it was Frappy Happy Hour again, odd how that turned out. I indulged yet again, how can I pass up such a good deal! 

I then said so long to my cousin before he departed back to YYC and tagged along with my folks to see Water for Elephants again. I'm really loved the book and thought the movie was really great when I saw it the first time but I just feel like Reece Witherspoon wasn't the best person for that role. She didn't have good chemistry with either Robert Pattinson's character or Christopher Waltz's. Nonetheless it's a really great film and I highly recommend everyone read the book as well as watch the movie. 

I definitely had a fun weekend with the fam and hope to have a few more of those over the summer once all the craziness that is my life currently dies down a bit. Maybe then I won't feel so bad for going haywire with my eats on the weekend when I'm not working so hard before vacation. 

Hope you all had a great weekend too and have a great week coming up, mine will be busy with the usual work, school, gym and SPCA stuff. Oh, and eating clean again too!


  1. the winds here have been brutal too! today is especially bad, like 35km/h and 50km/h gusts.
    i would love to go to New York, i think itd be amazing.

  2. Your weekend was filled with more activities than my past month. I feel very lazy now and am curious about this moxies breakfast thing.