Monday, March 7, 2011

Young Talent

On Friday, February 11, Lady Gaga released her latest single 'Born This Way'. Not a week later Lady Gaga posted a Youtube video on her Twitter stating "Can't stop crying watching this. This is why I make music. She is the future."

The cover was done by 10 year old Maria Aragon from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Following Lady Gaga's tweet, Maria's video went viral, reaching over 10 million views in only five days. Today, not quite a month later it is slowly approaching 20 million. Following Gaga's tweet, Maria was interviewed on a Toronto radio station in which Lady Gaga herself called in to express how moved she had been by the young girl's video, and inviting her to perform on stage at an upcoming tour date in Toronto.

A week later, Maria appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show. I'm waiting for the announcement that the young Canadian singer has been signed to a record label, perhaps to Ellen's recently created label eleveneleven.

Just last week, on March 3, Lady Gaga's Monster Ball Tour landed in Toronto, where the Youtube sensation joined Gaga at her piano onstage for a duet performance of Born This Way, and again at a more upbeat encore performance. Following the performance a teary eyed Gaga expressed 'if I could have just touch one person, that's enough for me, so knowing I touched just one person means the world to me'.

Lady Gaga and Maria Aragon

It's amazing how a little girl from Winnipeg can have her talents reach millions of people around the world by a simple video posted on the internet catching the attention of the right person. While I'm proud for young Canadians to find success in the entertainment industry, such as Justin Beiber who also grew famous through his Youtube videos, I'm fearful for these kids' future. Too many young people in the industry grow up in the wrong environment and end up with many problems. Take for example Miley Cyrus, posing in provocative photos and filmed taking hits from a bong before she's reached her 18th birthday, or Jodie Sweetin who played Stephanie Tanner on Full House and grew up with drug and alcohol addictions. These kids don't have a chance to be just a kid, they are forced to grow up and work hard at their careers like an adult and it doesn't always work out for the best. The spotlight is hard to cope with for anyone no matter how old.

My hope is for Maria Aragon to continue being a kid and treasuring her once in a lifetime experience onstage with Lady Gaga. I don't want to be reading that this adorable little girl is entering rehab for something or having her life picked apart over the current social media outlet. As Canadians let's produce wholesome and talented entertainers instead of fame hungry tarts.

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