Saturday, January 22, 2011

Five: New Fitness Classes to Try

When I first started working out, I had no idea what to do. I would go to the gym, use the cardio equipement a little and watch the people on the weight machines wishing I knew how to use them properly to more out of my gym membership. Luckily the Collicut Centre here in Red Deer will set up a program with you where they go through all the equipment, show you how to use it properly, what settings and weights work best for you and design it based on your needs. However soon that became boring and I wasn't feeling I was getting enough from my workouts.
The great thing about fitness is there are so many options out there for you. You just need to find something that works for you, something you enjoy doing. You should never dread or avoid your workouts! Here are five different classes that I've tried:

1) Yoga - yoga is amazing not only for your body, but your mind as well. Yoga helps you build strength and flexibility. It is for all ages and all abilities, anyone can do it. I started out with a beginner class at Living Nutrition and once I was comfortable with my practice I moved on to Hatha hot yoga at the Amaryllis Centre. I know practice Bikram yoga at Bikram Yoga Red Deer (you can read about my first Bikram experience here). When I took my very first yoga class, the feeling I had afterwards I described as a 'happy noodle'. I was so relaxed, refreshed and free of any and all tensions. After finished my first hot yoga class I felt even more amazing, incredibly energized and cleansed. After my first Bikram class I wanted to die, but with each class I feel better, stronger and more flexible. I now attend Bikram's karma class every Friday night. I highly recommend adding yoga into your life, you will feel amazing for it.

2) Bootcamp - I took a bootcamp class through the City of Red Deer for a couple years and I loved it. These classes are generally larger group classes that incorporates cardio and weight exercised to help you shed the pounds and boot on muscle. Another great class for beginners as you can go at your own limit. I currently do One to 1 Fitness's Fitcamp class. I've been doing this class for almost a year now and have had great results. It's a bit more focused then the city bootcamp in that the classes are smaller and the trainers are focused on ensuring you have proper form and are working to your fullest ability. They push you to reach your limits and it has definitely helped me to improve not only my strength but my knowledge as well. 

3) Kettle Bells - When I first took a kettle class it was only half an hour long and I thought to myself 'what kind of workout is only a measly half an hour?' Let me tell you, that is one helluva workout! Kettle bell exercises combine cardio and strength for a full body workout that will leave you sweating more than you've ever sweat before. I have taken kettle bells at Kensei MMA and recommend to beginners however I suggest going to Keith Weber from Weber Physiotherapy who first brought kettle bells to Western Canada and even has his own kettle bell workout video! 

4) Crossfit - If you want another intense strength and conditioning workout, Crossfit will do it for you.  Ignite Fitness is Red Deer's very own crossfit specialists. Here you get a set workout with a set number of reps, usually to be done for time. Unfortunately I haven't been able to commit a great amount of time to Crossfit, but having been taking advantage of Ignite's free Saturday morning classes! 

5) TRX - This is a new one to the fitness scene, especially here in Red Deer. TRX is a suspension system that allows you to use your body weight to build strength and balance. This system is great because all you need is the TRX. If it's too difficult or too easy all you need to do is change your angle. There is currently no where (to my knowledge) in Red Deer that specifically offers TRX classes, however the great thing about this system is it is relatively inexpensive and can be mounted directly to your ceiling or in a doorway. It even comes with a training video so you know what you're doing. I know that this will be a must purchase for me when I own my own home! 

There you have it folks! If you're bored of your current routine, try out any or all of these for a new experience! Let me know what you think...


  1. Good suggestions

    There are TRX classes @ Jo Dumont Fitness.

    She has them throughout the week. Like you said you can tailor the difficulty level. Great overall system.

  2. I have yet to try hot yoga, but I realllyyy want to. Mark always comes back from it drenched in sweat and looking disgusting, but he says it feels so good! Haha, I guess I'll have to find out soon.

    Bootcamps are great! The university here has a free one during lunch on Thursdays, unfortunately it's right when I have class. Hopefully in the summer I'll be able to take advantage of a bootcamp program though.

    The class right before my pilaga class the other night was using those TRX bands. I've never seen them before! It looks really awesome though! I might sign up for one of those in the summer too!


  3. Thanks so much for the heads up on Jo Dumont Fitness.

    And yes Danielle, I highly recommend hot yoga. It's sweaty and disgusting but you feel AMAZING, seriously. And if you can get to a TRX class I definitely recommend. I'm really enjoying doing TRX work right now.