Monday, July 19, 2010

Rainy Days

I sit here looking out the window to yet another grey and rainy day. It seems we’ve had far too many of these days this summer. With our monthly average rain falling in just one day last week, it’s made for some wet days and depressing days stuck inside. The sad thing isn’t the amount of rainy, cloudy days. It’s the fact that as we grow up and become adults, we forget that rain is just wet and we aren’t going to melt if we go outside during a rainstorm!

Last week some friends and I had made plans to attend the Calgary Stampede. We booked off a day during the week to go a few weeks prior, only to wake up to a torrential downpour. While some of our group was skeptical about spending the day in the rain and decided to spend most of the day in the casino, the rest of us put on our water proof jackets, cowboy hats and rubber boots. A little rain wasn’t going to stop our stampede fun. We were lucky that we didn’t have to struggle through crowds or wait in lines. It was almost like having the entire stampede park to ourselves and we still had a lot of fun. We may have looked like drowned rats and smelled like wet dogs, but we survived the wet weather!

Driving down the highway on my way to Edmonton this weekend and seeing water logged fields resembling lakes, I was reminded of heavy rainfalls on our acreage when I was growing up. With the land on our property already being swampy, it didn’t take long for the water to collect in pools.  Even our backyard would often become a mini swimming pool which beckoned me to come out and play in it. On went my rain boots and purple raincoat armed with my bathtub toys to splash around in the standing water.

Maybe instead of sitting around complaining about how miserable all the rain is, more adults should go out and buy themselves a pair of the fashionable looking rubber boots to go splash in some puddles for some rainy day fun. We forget that it’s just rain, and a little water won’t make us melt!  

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  1. Good advice. It never hurts to let your inner child loose!