Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Talented Twins

Tegan and Sara returned to their home town, and place of graduation for two shows at the Jubilee in Calgary January 9th and 10th. The twin sisters are on tour promoting their sixth album, Sainthood, released in October, 2009, and teamed up with the two-piece Australian indie rock duo An Horse.

They started the show with Arrow, the first song off their new album, and there was very little difference in quality from the live show to the recorded album. Backed by a three piece band, the girls pumped out song after song, making their way through all the songs from Sainthood, and throwing in a mix of songs from their past five albums.

No strangers to the music scene, the sisters have been performing for more than a decade, and they have come a long way since their days of playing in local bars. Partway through the set, Tegan took a break to tell a story about buying their first amp when they were kids. The comedic banter between the girls, often about childhood memories and various tour antics, is one of the best parts about seeing the duo live.

What comes as a surprise is that until recently, the girls had never written a single song together. Their songs are written separately and usually the writer will sing the main melody. The unusual writing process has proven to be successful over the years, but the girls decided to try their hand at writing together. While none of the co-written songs made it on the record, they informed the crowd that they weren’t bad songs, they just didn’t make the cut and we may hear them down the road.
After making it through the set list, the girls return for a 4 song encore, ending the show with my personal two favorite songs, the slower Call it Off and the angry, energized ballad, Living Room.

Starting off as two girls with a guitar, Tegan and Sara Quin have grown to be successful indie rockstars. Their talent and personalities shine through their music onstage and it is highly recommended to go see them play in their hometown.

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